If you are currently supplied by a private water supply (not a group scheme) and need to either repair an existing water supply that may have some deficiencies or install a new water supply to your home you might be entitled to a Well Water Grant from your Local Authority  as stated below:

What is a Well Grant?

A Well Grant is a grant to bore a new well, upgrade an existing well or install a water treatment system.

The objective of the grant scheme for a private water supply to a house is to assist households dependent on these supplies where capital expenditure is incurred in order to:

  • remedy supplies that are not wholesome and clean,
  • or where the quantity of water supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household.

The grant is an integral part of improving the quality and reliability of private water supplies that are supplying water for domestic use by houses in rural areas. Significantly, the scheme contributes to public health across Ireland through improved drinking water quality in these supplies.

Am I Eligible for a Well Grant?

You are eligible for a Well Grant if:

  • The improvement works will be carried out on a water supply to a house, where that water supply does not meet the quality standards in the Regulations or the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household; and,
  • The house is occupied by the applicant as his or her normal place of residence; and,

  • The house is not connected to, and cannot reasonably be connected to, Irish Water or a Group Water Scheme; and,

  • The house is not located in an area that is, or is about to be, served by Irish Water or a Group Water Scheme; and,

  • The house has been fully constructed for more than seven years, and a grant has not been paid for the provision of, or improvement to, a water supply to the house under the scheme within the previous seven years. This includes grant aid in relation to treatment works.

Note:  For the purposes of the grant scheme a normal place of residence includes long-term rentals but excludes private holiday homes and properties operated on a commercial basis (e.g. short-term rentals, self-catering properties, caravans/mobile homes, caravan/mobile home sites etc.).  Properties owned by local authorities, housing associations, Health Services Executive etc. are not eligible.

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How much of a grant is available?

Rehabilitation works : 85% of the approved costs for rehabilitation works, subject to a maximum of €3,000;

Provision of a new well : 85% of the approved costs for the provision of a new well, subject to a maximum of €5,000 (where the housing authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution

Treatment works : 100% of the approved costs for works that, in the opinion of the housing authority, are necessary to treat the water to meet the water quality standards specified in the Regulations, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000.  Examples of such treatments are filtration or Ultra Violet treatment.

An initial inspection has to be carried out by your local County Council prior to any works being done.

How do I apply for a Well Grant?

If you think you are eligible for a Well Water Grant and would like to apply please contact us and we can assist you with the necessary paperwork to get your application approved.

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